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Become a Volunteer Research Assistant!

We are no longer accepting applications for research assistant positions for the Fall semester of 2023. Please feel free to check back in advance of the Spring 2024 semester. 

This is a great option if you are trying to get experience in psychological research for graduate school, or specialized training in BPD research.

We typically expect that volunteer research assistants will commit to a minimum of 8-10 hours a week for three semesters. They are expected to engage in responsible, ethical conduct of research.

Criteria: (1) Psychology Major or A/A- grade in at least 2 300-level psychology courses

               (2) GPA > 3.4

               (3) Interested in graduate school

               (4) Ability and aptitude to contribute to research, as evidenced by a letter of recommendation from a professor, TA, or supervisor

If you are interested in applying, please complete the form by following the link below. 

Apply for Grad School
Grad School

For more information on applying to UMass, please see our departmental website. Dr. Dixon-Gordon is reviewing applications for graduate students this Fall 2023, for a student to enroll in Fall 2024. 

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