Graduate Students

Lauren Haliczer, M.A., M.S.

Lauren Haliczer is a sixth-year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology PhD Program at UMass. Prior to joining CASL in the fall of 2015, Lauren received her BA from Tulane University, and her MA in clinical psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College. Lauren's Master's thesis examines proximal risk factors (i.e., peer criticism and praise) for nonsuicidal self-injury using a pain endurance proxy measure with young adults. She completed her externship at the Child Mind Institute in NYC delivering CBT and DBT to youth with mood disorders and emotion dysregulation. Lauren's general research interests include interpersonal and emotional factors that play a role in nonsuicidal self-injury and borderline personality disorder, as well as the application of DBT to these conditions.

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Sherry Woods, M.S.

​Sherry Woods is a fourth-year graduate student in Dr. Dixon-Gordon’s lab. Before joining CASL, Sherry received her MS at Western Kentucky University and her BA at Pepperdine University; she also spent 2 years working in the Mechanisms of Affect Dysregulation Lab at Temple University. Sherry’s research mainly focuses on maladaptive emotion regulation mechanisms, particularly nonsuicidal self-injury, and the factors that promote and maintain the cessation of these behaviors.

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Elle Waite

Elle Waite is a third-year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program at UMass Amherst, working with Dr. Dixon-Gordon. Before joining the lab, she received her BA in psychology and women’s studies at the University of Nevada, Reno, where she worked as a research assistant for several labs researching borderline personality disorder and dialectical behavior therapy. She is interested in borderline personality disorder and suicidality, particularly among adolescent populations. Currently, her research is focused on deficits in social learning among people with borderline personality disorder.

Staff and Research Assistants
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Nikita Parulkar

Study Coordinator

Nikita recently graduated from UMass in 2019 with a BS in Psychology. She joined Dr. Dixon-Gordon's lab in 2019 as a RA and was hired as the study coordinator in 2020. She is applying to graduate programs this year and is hoping to pursue a PhD or PsyD in Clinical Psychology. 

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Mike Acampora

Undergraduate RA

Mike is a senior psychology major who joined the lab in the Fall of 2019. After graduating, he plans to pursue his PhD and practice counseling and psychotherapy in communities with limited access to mental health services. 


Iya Carney

Undergraduate RA

Iya joined CASL in Fall 2020. She is currently a senior psychology major and education minor with a certificate in social work and social welfare. After graduating, Iya is looking to her PhD in clinical psychology and hopes to study DBT and relationship therapy.  

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Jo-An Colclough

Undergraduate RA and Honor's student

Jo-An is a psychology major due to graduate in 2021. She joined the lab in Fall 2018 and is currently working towards a certificate in Social Work and Social Welfare and a minor in sociology. After graduating, she plans to get her Masters in Social Work and provide psychotherapy.

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Michelle Durling

Undergraduate RA and Honor's student

Michelle is a psychology major due to graduate in 2021 who joined CASL in the Fall of 2019. She is working towards a minor in Spanish and a certificate in Social Work. She plans to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist after earning a Masters and Doctorate in clinical psychology. 


Juneid Mosaheb

Undergraduate RA

Juneid Mosaheb is an international student from Mauritius studying neuroscience at UMass and will be graduating in 2021. He joined CASL as a research assistant in the spring of 2020 and plans on getting into an MD/PhD program where he can research the neurobiological differences in psychopathology and their effects on circadian rhythmicity. He aims to also teach one day and be more politically active in order to reduce the costs and access to care for marginalised communities.

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Sophia Mitrano

Undergraduate RA

Sophia is a junior Psychology major at UMass Amherst, due to graduate Spring of 2021. She plans to earn a PhD in clinical psychology and open her own practice in addition to teaching at a university. She hopes to work closely with adolescents who suffer from mental illness.

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Nadia Palafox

Undergraduate RA

Nadia Palafox is a sophomore psychology major at UMass Amherst, due to graduate in the spring of 2023. She joined the lab in the summer of 2020 and is looking to get her masters or PhD in Counseling Psychology. 

Blake CASL photo.jpg

Blake Ronzio

Undergraduate RA

Blake is a psychology major due to graduate in 2021. She has been working in the lab since Fall of 2018. She plans to get her masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology, and hopes to one day have her own private practice.

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Lauren Simpson

Undergraduate RA

Lauren is a Psychology major at Amherst College, due to graduate in 2021. She is also pursuing a certificate in Coastal and Marine Sciences. She joined the lab in Spring 2019. After graduating, she plans to get her masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology.

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